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CineTRAIN provides a proven system for decreasing the time and cost of employee training, boosting employee retention and engagement, improving the guest experience, and increasing revenue at the point of sale.

Employee Onboarding

Training & Continued Development

Employee Engagement Pillars

Employee Engagement Pillars

We structure training courses around our 3 Pillars of Employee Engagement. Our content includes cinematic videos and interactive eLearning modules designed to maximize learner engagement and ensure that lessons are committed to memory for your theater employees. This approach is proven to help new hires get up to speed, resulting in more competent and confident cinema employees.

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Attract & Wow

Welcome to Our Theater

Embark on an exciting journey with content specifically designed to welcome new employees into your theater’s unique culture. Innovative eLearning modules and cinematic videos will warmly welcome new hires and clarify expectations to engage employees immediately and enhance employee longevity within your cinema. Empower your team to provide an exceptional moviegoing experience for every guest that walks through your doors.

Ensure Competency

Theater Essentials

Develop competent and confident employees with cutting-edge eLearning modules that offer a deep dive into the tactical skills required for the job. Our Theater Essentials course covers topics such as cleanliness, customer service, popcorn popping, upselling, and safety standards. Our approach ensures that nothing gets lost in translation and empowers your team with the skills they need to excel in their roles.

Support & Develop

Leading as a Manager

Unlock the full potential of your leaders by helping them grow personally and professionally. These eLearning modules and assets are designed to support continuous development within your theater. Our comprehensive Leading as a Manager course covers topics such as tactical training on interviewing and orientation, soft skills training on leadership and emotional intelligence, and resources for facilitating training.

Ready to lower costs and increase employee retention and engagement?

Ready to lower costs and increase employee retention and engagement?

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