Samantha Ricke, Director of Learning & Development at Flix Brewhouse shared their organization’s experience building effective leaders with CineTRAIN’s Advanced Management Program (AMP).

Flix faced a challenge familiar to many businesses in the cinema industry: employee turnover.

On the heels of the pandemic, they’d lost valuable team members, leaving them with a depleted leadership pool. Promotions weren’t always a smooth transition, and they needed a way to support their people’s growth, not just the company’s.

The Solution? CineTRAIN AMP.

While Flix had already started to build a Manager Development Program (MDP), integrating AMP helped fill out a comprehensive, more robust program by including the soft skills crucial to developing effective and thoughtful leaders.

What is CineTRAIN AMP?

The CineTRAIN Advanced Management Program (AMP) provides team members the necessary tools to reach their full leadership potential. The program offers online learning content and optional in-person workshops, and helps participants develop the skills they need to be effective leaders. AMP consists of three modules: Self-Management, Professional Effectiveness, and Relationship Management. Each module focuses on a crucial theme of leadership and includes interactive scenarios, animations, and quizzes for over 8 hours of online learning content. AMP equips your organization with the essential skills to develop effective leaders and succeed in today’s fast-paced environment.

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Using a Strategic Approach to Implementing AMP.

Flix acknowledged the importance of ensuring that the program would be regarded seriously – rather than merely being perceived as a checklist item. Moreover, it was crucial for managers to internalize the information and integrate it into their daily operational approach to ensure its practical application beyond mere comprehension. Buy-in was essential, but so was having managers not just learn the information, but live it. They developed a strategic approach to the program, implementing it in manageable modules every two weeks to allow time for absorption and application. Managers were encouraged to “live” what they learned in each module. Regular development days and 1:1 meetings with managers became the foundation for applying AMP’s learnings.

Beyond the Bottom Line: Investing in Employee Growth

Although quantifiable data is pending, they have observed a noticeably positive shift in the company culture.

  • Leadership conversations: General Manager calls now revolve around development and achieving success instead of only focusing on numbers.
  • Motivation and engagement: Teams are demonstrating enthusiasm for their personal development and recognizing that Flix’s investment in their growth extends beyond their work performance alone.
  • Improved communication: One manager who initially resisted the program is now leading by example, demonstrating the power of embracing development.

Some of the specific feedback Flix has received includes “I need to do this for me so I can do this for the team!” and “yes please, this is what I need.” The general reception has been that providing their people with tools such as AMP shows that Flix cares about them and their development, and not just the bottom line.

How Company Culture Impacts …Everything!

Flix recognizes that investing in employee well-being not only creates a positive workplace, but is also a strategic move that can significantly impact your bottom line. High turnover rates are expensive, and fostering a healthy company culture can help retain your best talent. Additionally, engaged employees are not only happier, but they’re also more likely to provide exceptional service to your guests – leading to a better overall experience for everyone, and increased guest loyalty.

AMP Also Helps Identify Areas for Improvement

Securing buy-in from all stakeholders highlighted the importance of effectively communicating the program’s value. It also exposed areas where leadership skills needed strengthening, leading to more focused development plans.

Overall, Flix’s Experience with AMP Demonstrates Several Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic implementation: Tailoring the program to existing structures and rolling it out thoughtfully is crucial for success.
  • Focus on personal growth: Employees who feel valued and supported in their development are more likely to stay engaged and motivated.
  • Leadership buy-in: When leaders champion the program, it sets the tone for the entire organization.

Flix’s AMP journey is still in progress, but the signs are already promising! By prioritizing employee development, they’re building a stronger, more resilient organization for the future.

When asked if she would recommend AMP to other theaters, Samantha Ricke, Director of Learning & Development at Flix says she would, definitely recommend it to anyone … everyone needs it!”

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