The Cinema Readiness Series

Remember in the first Iron Man, when Tony Stark was showing off his missiles in the desert one moment, and found himself held captive in a cave the next?  To say it was disruptive is an understatement. It was a blindsiding attack, uprooting reality as he knew it.

Tony Stark was just like us right now.

If you recall, Tony Stark did not waste his time in that cave. He did not wait for rescue or wait for the tides to turn. He did not wait for anything.  In fact, he went right to work building his ticket out of that place. Tony spent his time in lock-up crafting, re-tooling, and perfecting his plan of attack so that he would be ready to move with haste at the first opportunity.  The prototype for what would soon become… the first Iron Man suit!

Then what?  He BLASTED his way out of that cave and the rest is history.  Cinemas face two similar choices this very moment:

  1. Sit and wait to react to the next news headline…

OR …

  1. Take proactive charge of this situation and use it to make ourselves even better.

Like Tony, it is time to for us to prepare!

Over the next week, CineTRAIN will be releasing a series of 5 articles that we call “The Cinema Readiness Series” where we will walk through specific actions that can immediately improve financial performance upon re-opening to customers.  This includes how to maximize add-on sales, build an elite hiring process, standardize employee training, and much more. These are tips that the best cinemas are using, and we hope you are too!

Be on the lookout for the next message.  In the meantime, here’s something we are offering for a limited time:


Employee Training content at CineTRAIN is proven, beneficial, and COMPLETELY FREE during this time of shutdown.  We have seen these programs increase sales by up to 30% and overall customer experience in theaters across the country.  We believe in CineTRAIN’s content so much, that we know it will increase your financial performance as well.  If you try the program and are not completely satisfied, there is no charge or commitment, but your employees will retain the valuable training.

What is there to lose?

Build your theater’s Iron Man suit now so your teams are ready to BLAST through to customers with amazing moviegoing experiences when the time comes.

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