Why You Should Clone Your Best Cinema Employees

“I'll enter the same calculations using what we like to call: The Right Way.”

– Fred Z. Randall, RocketMan (1997)

Do you ever find yourself saying, “If I could just clone that employee…”?  Continuing on from our previous “Cinema Readiness” messages this week found here with Part 1 and Part 2, today let’s talk about your BEST employees.

Your BEST cinema employees greet customers appropriately, contribute to per-caps more consistently, and help provide a clean and inviting environment for guests. Ultimately, they help lower costs and add to the bottom line. They just do things the right way.

How do we ensure more right way employees? It’s simple…

Pull from the best of what’s being done and teach everyone else how to do it that way.

CineTRAIN has seen this effective with customers increasing PerCap revenue at every location – some by up to 30% year-over-year!

Here are some quick thought-starters for starting to define best practices in two critical areas of theater employee experience:

Customer Service

  • How should the customer be greeted?
  • How to react when a customer has a complaint?
  • How should an usher guide someone to their seat?
  • How should the auditorium look before guests arrive?

Suggestive Selling

  • What concession items or other offerings pair best together?
  • What combination of items create the best perceived value to a customer?
  • How should employees at the point of sale go about suggesting an addition to an order?

Define it once and use it over and over again. The right way of doing things can become consistent amongst all employees, helping to lower costs and increase profitability.

Use this strategy now across all positions and job duties to start cloning your best employees and ensure customers spend more when they are here and are coming back more often!

The steps taken in this CineTRAIN management series is meant to maximize your preparedness for a successful return.  Be on the lookout for the next message, and in the meantime, here’s something we’re offering for a limited time:


Employee Training content at CineTRAIN is proven, beneficial, and COMPLETELY FREE during this time of shutdown.  We have seen these programs increase sales by up to 30% and overall customer experience in theaters across the country.  We believe in CineTRAIN’s content so much, that we know it will increase your financial performance as well.  If you try the program and are not completely satisfied, there is no charge or commitment, but your employees will retain the valuable training.

What is there to lose?

Get moving with ‘The Right Way’

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