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We sat down with Kayla Blaney, Emagine Entertainment’s Human Resources Manager, to talk about how CineTRAIN has helped to transform their employee training and development. Kayla tells us about her experience with CineTRAIN’s E-Learning modules, Online Onboarding Paperwork, Welcome Video Series, and what partnering with CineTRAIN truly looks like in practice.

Overcoming Challenges

Before partnering with CineTRAIN, Emagine was facing issues with consistency during onboarding. According to Kayla, CineTRAIN was able to help tackle this problem from multiple directions.

Beyond managing these initial challenges, we break down how CineTRAIN and Emagine teamed up to customize their training and onboarding and create innovative ways to communicate with their team members.

Solving the Paperwork Problem

“If we’re going to continue to grow and dominate what we do, we have to think bigger and we have to think more efficiently.”- Kayla Blaney

Emagine faced challenges with its outdated onboarding paperwork processes: paperwork for each employee was stored in traditional, paper folders, in multiple locations. She pointed out additionally, the high volume of folders due to high turnover rates in the theater industry. Implementing CineTRAIN’s Online Onboarding Paperwork changed the game completely. As HR Manager, she can now easily access all employee paperwork online – increasing efficiency in a major way

This change didn’t just affect higher levels like HR, it also improved efficiency during the onboarding process for new employees. With Emagine’s updates to onboarding practices thanks to help from CineTRAIN, all paperwork has become digital, creating an experience for new employees that is easier, more clear and concise, and more consistent.

“How do we think for the future when, let’s say one day, we have 50 or 60 locations? We can’t stick to paper.”

Streamlining Processes and Ensuring Consistency

When asked about CineTRAIN’s E-Learning Modules, Kayla was happy to report that they also helped to streamline processes and address concerns of consistency. She stated that this consistency helped to organize important topics and values that Emagine needed to communicate to new employees. More reliable messaging in training translates to more engaged and competent employees, and by extension a better, more dependable customer experience, which leads to increased spending and customer loyalty.

By the Numbers


In a survey of 53 employees: 86% reported that CineTRAIN training was a good use of their time and provided them with beneficial information as an employee.

When asked for feedback on what Emagine employees liked about CineTRAIN some responses included:

“I liked how simple it was to navigate the program and how everything is explained.”
“It took the right amount of time to complete and get the right information out of it as well!”
“I liked doing the interactive training where you clicked on stuff”

The Power of Custom Solutions and Collaborative Partnership

At CineTRAIN, we know that solutions for your theater aren’t always ‘one size fits all.’ That is why it is important to us to establish an open line of communication with our clients to help you build and customize the solutions that we offer. We offer customizations at all levels; Emagine has customized their E-Learning Modules to cover specifics for their company. The impact of this customization has been integral to expressing Emagine’s culture to new employees and to moviegoers alike.

“It’s training that’s pretty custom for what we do, but we didn’t have to create it…we’ve done so many different customizations to the program that I don’t know if other clients utilize.” Says Kayla. She loves the way that her team can approach CineTRAIN with new ideas and we can work together to implement them into Emagine’s training that is already established. Kayla confirmed what we have also heard from other clients, that things are always evolving on a leadership and internal level. Because of this, we are happy to continue to evolve alongside them.

Telling Your Unique Brand Story

Emagine has also utilized our Welcome Series videos, a custom brand storytelling package. This cinematic-quality video series showcases your unique brand identity and day in the life working at your theater, and is an integral part of showcasing your company culture to new employees. In regards to Emagine’s Custom Welcome Series Kayla says, “I think being able to put our story together in such a creative way…was really cool…getting to see the reactions of people. I got to see it first- when they sent it to me, I got chills and I almost teared up because I was like, this is who we are.”

Check out Emagine’s Welcome Series Video for yourself:

Learn more about our Custom Welcome Video Series HERE

Kayla tells us that things are always evolving on a leadership and internal level, and we are happy to continue to evolve alongside them.

A Change That Transcends Training

Beyond the streamlining of processes and consistency in training and organization, CineTRAIN has impacted Emagine’s culture as a whole. While Kayla attributed much of this shift to the Welcome Series, she also discussed how CineTRAIN increased morale and innovation across departments simply by influence.

“We’re (Human Resources) trying to get more organized and I think that that kind of bled over to other departments…I’d say every other month I have a department head say hey Kayla, I have an idea for a training. Is this something we could put in CineTRAIN and I’m like heck yeah, let’s do it.”

Key Takeaways on CineTRAIN’s Influence

Through these three main points, CineTRAIN has had an impactful and lasting effect on Emagine’s business and culture:

  • Consistency: Across the board, CineTRAIN has helped Emagine reach goals to become more consistent from onboarding, to training, and even messaging, helping to boost efficiency and customer experience.
  • Core Values: CineTRAIN has been able to assist Emagine in communicating their unique core values through E-Learning Modules and the Welcome Series Video; as other departments see the positive changes CineTRAIN has created, the energy to re-imagine processes is contagious.
  • Customization: Emagine has taken the ability to customize CineTRAIN as an invitation to grow and innovate! With a strong foundation for your theater to build on, we’re here to help you find which parts of our program work best for you, and how to customize the program to maximize your results.

We thank Kayla for her time and look forward to continuing to be a partner in Emagine’s growth and development!

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