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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about our tailored solutions, including our 3 Pillars of Employee Engagement, designed to enhance engagement, competency, and leadership within your theater. Find out how CineTRAIN’s customizable programs cater to theaters of all sizes, driving employee retention, guest satisfaction, and revenue growth. Explore our courses, reporting capabilities, and seamless onboarding process today.

Can we request customized packages beyond the standard Welcome Series?2024-03-21T14:50:12-04:00

Certainly! We can tailor our welcome series package to match your organization’s needs perfectly. Reach out today for a free estimate and to explore our personalized offerings.

Where and how are these videos utilized?2024-03-21T14:48:40-04:00

Your finalized welcome series videos are stored on your customized CineTRAIN LMP. While our standard approach integrates the video series into an onboarding module for new employees, we can arrange them in a way that best suits your organization.

Will we receive usable copies of the videos for our marketing, and if so, what format do they come in?2024-03-21T14:33:37-04:00

Absolutely! Our team will send you hard copies of each high-quality video file for unrestricted use. The standard format is an MP4 file in full HD (1920 x 1080), but we can accommodate different formats based on your specific needs.

What is the cost of the Welcome Series?2024-03-21T14:32:25-04:00

The Welcome Series is included in our full Brand Story package; priced at $25,000. The Brand Story package also includes everything in our Ready to Launch and Basic Customization packages.

What is CineTRAIN?2024-03-25T09:57:51-04:00

CineTRAIN is the premier cinema-specific resource for employee training, onboarding and leadership development. Our training curriculums and services have been developed to address the specific needs and pain points of the cinema industry. Our research backed philosophy is based on The 3 Pillars of Employee Engagement to help you develop engaged, confident and competent employees.

What are The 3 Pillars of Employee Engagement?2024-03-25T09:57:27-04:00

This is the basis for everything we do to ensure success –

  • Attract & Wow: Studies show that exciting new employees right away increases retention. Get new employees to buy into your culture from the start, make them feel supported, and get them excited about working at the movies and at your theater specifically.
  • Ensure Competency: Ensure your employees don’t just know but understand and retain the information and tactical skills they need to do their job on a daily basis. This includes upselling, customer service, what are per-caps, how to pop popcorn, cleaning, and more.
  • Support & Develop: Developing soft skills is the key to supporting continuous employee development. While critical to current managers, it also creates a path for future managers and leaders. Get today’s high performers on the road to tomorrow’s leaders.
How long has CineTRAIN been in the cinema industry?2024-03-25T09:56:51-04:00

CineTRAIN has been providing training solutions to theater exhibitors large and small since 2018 and has a 100% client retention rate. CineTRAIN came out of our work in the cinema space and sparked a passion for the industry and a realization that there was a huge need for training and development solutions.

What size exhibitors is CineTRAIN geared towards?2024-03-25T09:56:10-04:00

Any size!  CineTRAIN provides products and services to exhibitors with just one location, all the way up to those with more than 60. All CineTRAIN packages include unlimited users at no additional fee.

What are the benefits of using CineTRAIN?2024-03-25T09:55:11-04:00

CineTRAIN provides a proven system for:

  • decreasing the time and cost of employee onboarding and training
  • boosting employee retention and engagement
  • improving the guest experience
  • increasing revenue at the point of sale
  • develop effective leaders
  • standardize operations across multiple locations
What if we already have a basic training system in place – can we just use CineTRAIN to fill the gaps?2024-03-25T09:54:45-04:00

Yes. CineTRAIN acts as a strong foundational program for your organization and may be implemented as a whole or in part, to supplement your existing training systems.

What types of training courses does CineTRAIN offer?2024-03-25T09:54:21-04:00

CineTRAIN offers courses such as Employee Onboarding, Theater Essentials, and Leading as a Manager. These courses cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • customer service
  • popcorn popping
  • upselling and cross-selling
  • safety standards
  • interviewing
  • orientation
  • leadership
  • emotional intelligence
What is the value of the Onboarding Paperwork add-on?2024-03-25T09:53:28-04:00

CineTRAIN saves you time and money by providing a standardized and efficient process for having your onboarding paperwork digitized and able to be signed and submitted online.

Is this training customizable to my brand and organization?2024-03-25T11:30:28-04:00

Yes! All of our packages include a level of customization to ensure that CineTRAIN aligns with your brand, messaging, and processes specific to your organization.

Does CineTRAIN include any kind of reporting?2024-03-25T09:52:32-04:00

Yes. The CineTRAIN platform provides a full range of reporting from high level visibility by location to specific details on individual scores, attempts, areas needing improvement, etc.

Does CineTRAIN provide any other kinds of training resources besides eLearning?2024-03-25T09:52:05-04:00

Absolutely! We realize that the most effective training solutions – those that result in a high level of retention – are those that are blended learning experiences. We support our online eLearning training with additional resources in the form of things like Resource Guides on a wide variety of topics, and Train the Trainer Guides. For our custom packages, we can also provide additional tools and resources for sustainable, in-person, ongoing training and development.

What platforms does CineTRAIN work on?2024-03-25T09:50:02-04:00

CineTRAIN is a cloud-based solution and is accessible on all devices.

What CineTRAIN services are available?2024-03-25T09:47:12-04:00

CineTRAIN services include:

  • Custom eLearning Modules
    • Theater Essentials
    • Advanced Management Program
  • Custom Videos
  • Learning Management Platform (LMP)
  • Online Onboarding Paperwork Management
  • Media Asset Collection
How much does CineTRAIN cost?2024-03-25T09:45:41-04:00

CineTRAIN packages include:

Ready to Launch

Includes all training modules plus the learning management platform with all functionality (i.e. reporting).

  • Edits to modules are limited to only removing content that may be incorrect for your operation
  • Additional customizations are quoted separately

$2,400 one-time set-up fee | $150 per month per location with unlimited users

Basic Customization

Includes everything in our Ready-to-Launch package, plus the option to add your custom content to existing modules.

  • All branding and used is fully customized to your cinema’s brand guidelines
  • Additional detail/content can be integrated as long as it falls within existing module functionality

$10,000 one-time set-up fee | $250 per month per location with unlimited users

Brand Story

Includes everything in our basic customization package, plus a custom Welcome Video Series.

  • Our team will travel to your preferred location(s) for a two-day production to capture cinematic 4K resolution b-roll, photos, and team member interview footage needed to produce (4) custom Welcome Series videos, and to customize all training media.
  • All captured media includes full Rights Release so that assets may be used for marketing or other purposes as well.

$25,000 one-time fee | $250 per month per location with unlimited users


  • Onboarding Paperwork – Streamline and accelerate your hiring process by bringing onboarding paperwork online.
    • $75/month per location
    • *requires implementation of an above package
  • Media Asset Collection – If you do not already have usable branded media, we can coordinate asset capture or produce custom assets as needed.
    • Quote based on need
How do I get started with CineTRAIN?2024-03-25T11:24:10-04:00

Contact us to schedule a FREE demo and learn how CineTRAIN can help you empower your employees, and elevate your guest experience.

What are the differences in customization options between CineTRAIN packages?2024-03-25T11:23:12-04:00

The customization options for each package are as follows:

Ready to Launch

  • Edits to modules are limited to only removing content that may be incorrect for your operation
  • Additional customizations are quoted separately

Basic Customization

  • You may add/edit custom content to existing modules.
  • Additional detail/content can be integrated as long as it falls within existing module functionality
  • All branding used is fully customized to your cinema’s brand guidelines

Brand Story

  • You may add/edit custom content to existing modules.
  • Additional detail/content can be integrated as long as it falls within existing module functionality
  • All branding and media used are fully customized to your cinema’s brand
What is the Welcome Series?2024-03-21T14:53:37-04:00

The Welcome Series is a video series showcasing your unique brand identity and day in the life working at your theater. It is an integral part of showcasing your company culture to new employees. The Welcome Series is part of our Brand Story package. This package includes access to our full training library, a custom learning management platform with reporting, and customization to your brand’s media within these platforms.

What does the Welcome Series process look like and how long does it take?2024-03-21T14:47:32-04:00

Our Welcome Series Process:

  1. Discovery – We get to know your team and organization, your story, values, and what you want to communicate to your people.
  2. Filming – Our team comes to you. Throughout 2-3 days, we visit your most important sites to interview your team, and capture 4K video and drone footage, and high-quality photography stills.
  3. Finalizing – Over the following 5 – 8 weeks, our team creates story, rough, and final cuts for your key stakeholders to review and offer feedback. We finalize when you are 100% satisfied.
  4. Rollout – Finally, we roll out your custom series on your LMP for all new and existing employees, offering lasting value as you continue to onboard, train, and inspire your people.
What does the customization process look like?2024-03-25T11:28:07-04:00

To get the most out of your CineTRAIN training by customizing your Learning Management Platform (LMP), we rely on your participation and contribution to the customization process:

Review Content 

You will receive a Custom Content Review document that includes links to all of the CineTRAIN modules to review. We will also provide you with “Best Practices” guidelines. 

Provide All Content Feedback

You provide us with all edits and feedback needed to customize your content to your unique needs

Provide all Branding

You provide all brand guidelines, logos, and marketing materials so that we can also customize the look and feel of your training, making it an integral part of your overall brand story

LMP Customization Completed

We customize all content and resources on the LMP per the information you provide.

Setup Group Structure

With your input, we create your customized user and admin group structure in the LMP.


At this point, we provide you with all LMP credentials for review; host an onboarding call to walk you through everything; and add all managers to the LMP per your input.

Add Users and Start Training!

At this point, you will be able to add all users to the LMP as needed, and start getting your employees trained on the skills they need to work at your theater!

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