How Customized eLearning Can Benefit Your Theatre

Training is an essential part of onboarding a new employee or developing a current one. Customized eLearning for your cinema is an engaging and interactive supplement to your in person training. It’s an investment, but one that will pay off and save you money in the long run. Here are some examples of how your theatre can benefit from customized eLearning.

Decrease Staff Turnover

Employees who are poorly not only don’t perform on the job as well, but they aren’t as happy. Properly training your employees and investing in their continued development, shows employees they are valued. Employees who feel valued have company loyalty and are less likely to leave. It costs time and money to interview, onboard and train new employees, so decreasing staff turnover is something to strive for. 

Our customized day in the life videos give new employees an idea of their work environment and a day on the job before they even step into the theatre for their first day. Having a new employee complete online eLearning training at home before the first day saves time and also familiarize them with their new job. This will lead to them starting out the job confidently and invested in the company. 

Increase Sales & Customer Service

Employees who are trained on the products offered as well as how to sell them, are going to increase profits. Many customer facing employees don’t feel confident because they haven’t been given the tools they need to do their job. By training employees on how to deal with an upset customer, or how to up-sell, they will feel confident in their customer interactions. 

eLearning modules like Pricing Flashcards, Customer Service, Build The Combo, and Upselling, are just a few ways employees can become more confident and skilled in their job. These modules help them to recommend the best products to customers and increase sales for the theatre.

Increased Efficiency

An employee who knows how to do his or her job, and how to do it correctly, is going to be able to do it in less time than someone who doesn’t know how. Employees who are properly trained are able to do their jobs with asking minimal questions. Efficiency can also be increased by training managers. Managers who know how to properly delegate maximize efficiency.

We offer training not only on soft skills, but also on how to use your popcorn machine, or how to restock a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine cartridge. While these things seem small, they can maximize efficiency. Instead of pulling a manager or fellow employee away from their job, an employee can pull up this eLearning on his or her phone to refresh their memory on how to do the job correctly.

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