The key to scaling your theater business successfully lies not only in great ideas or prime locations but, as highlighted in a conversation we had with Warehouse Cinemas’ CEO Rich Daughtridge, in the strategic investment in leadership. Daughtridge emphasizes that cinema leadership, distinct from management, plays a pivotal role in influencing and guiding teams towards higher levels of performance.

A Unique Approach to Leadership

Warehouse Cinemas has implemented a comprehensive Leadership Learning Path for all managers, designed as a 12-month program. This unique curriculum blends aspects of cinema leadership and management, encompassing various books and activities. Daughtridge emphasizes the importance of leadership during busy periods, citing instances where private, growth-focused conversations with team members occur amid the hustle and bustle of peak business hours.

Taking their commitment to leadership development a step further, Warehouse Cinemas has invested significantly in professional coaches for individual general managers. These one-on-one coaching sessions are tailored to the specific needs of each manager, considering their unique backgrounds and the diverse teams they lead. The goal is to elevate general managers to a higher level of cinema leadership – aligned with the company’s core values.

Leadership Beyond Management

The proactive approach of distinguishing between a manager in title and a true organizational leader is critical. CineTRAIN’s Advanced Management Program addresses the gap in training at the management level that many organizations face. By providing the right tools and coaching, Warehouse Cinemas aims to transform managers into leaders who contribute to the organization’s success.

By enhancing the leadership skills of general managers, Warehouse Cinemas experiences a shift in the corporate workload. As general managers become more adept leaders, corporate responsibilities decrease, allowing their focus to shift toward strategic growth initiatives. The ripple effect is an organization that functions efficiently and becomes poised for scalable success.

A Responsibility to Train

Daughtridge emphasizes that often, performance issues stem from a lack of training rather than inherent shortcomings in team members. Theater owners should take responsibility for providing the necessary training and resources to bridge this gap. The choice is clear – invest in cinema leadership development or continue to face challenges in performance and growth.

Warehouse Cinemas’ approach to leadership development serves as a model for businesses aiming to scale successfully. By investing in a Leadership Learning Path, one-on-one coaching, and an advanced management program, you can empower leaders and also position your company strategically for sustained growth. The lesson here is clear: to scale successfully, invest in leadership first, and the rest will follow.

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