employee training and onboarding developed specifically for theatres

With our training your theatre team can decrease current and prevent future inconsistencies in the workplace. Having all employees complete the same training helps to standardize procedures and processes. After implementing CineTrain, our clients note quicker competency for employees, higher per-caps, and more confident employees. Below you will find some examples of what exactly CineTrain looks like.


custom elearning modules

Custom eLearning modules help get employees up to speed. Some examples include: Customer Experience, Upselling, Safety & Security, Theatre Duties, Food Management, and more! We also offer eLearning specifically for managers. Some of these courses cover topics such as interviewing, emotional intelligence, and orientation. We also offer a 7 module course on leadership.


custom videos

Custom videos are a great way to convey the culture of your theatre to employees. We create videos that a new employee can watch prior to their first day to help them feel more comfortable and familiar with their new job. We specialize in Culture videos as well as First Day on the Job, and Day in the Life videos.


custom learning management platform

The Learning Management Platform (LMP) is where all the content is housed. This is easily accessible for employees to complete their training. We customize the LMP to each theatre’s brand. Our LMP also offers analytics for management to track data. Managers can see which employees have completed training, what their scores are, and even be notified when someone receives a certificate.


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