Employee training and onboarding developed specifically for theaters

With our training, your theater team can increase onboarding standardization and prevent future inconsistencies in the workplace. After choosing CineTRAIN, our clients note quicker competency for employees, higher per-caps, and more confident employees.


Custom eLearning Modules

Custom eLearning modules help employees get up to speed with work expectations and procedures. Some courses include; Customer Experience, Upselling, Safety & Security, Theater Duties, Food Management, and more! We also offer eLearning specifically designed for managers: refining interviewing skills, developing emotional intelligence, facilitating an effective orientation, and a Leadership 101 Series.



Custom Videos

Custom videos are a great way to convey the culture of your theater to new and existing employees. We create personalized videos that express your theater’s values and most important competencies. Within our web platform, new employees can watch these videos prior to their first day to help them feel more comfortable and familiar with their new job. We specialize in Culture videos as well as videos about the First Day on the Job, and a Day in the Life.



Custom Learning Management Platform

The Learning Management Platform (LMP) will be customized to fit your theater’s brand and is where all your custom content is housed. The LMP is an easily accessible platform where employees can complete their training. Our LMP also offers data analytics for managers, giving them access to see which employees have completed training, what their scores are, and notifications when employees receive a certificate.


Interactive Content

Interactive Content

Quizzes & Certifications

Multi-Level Permissions

Web, Tablet, Mobile

User Tracking & Reporting

100% Supported


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› Quizzes & Certificates
› Multi-Level Permissions
› Web, Tablet, Mobile
› User Tracking & Reporting
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Paperwork Portal

Online Paperwork Management

Streamline and accelerate your hiring process by bringing your onboarding paperwork process online. An extension of the CineTRAIN LMP, users can quickly and easily complete and sign essential documents, and managers or Human Resources can retrieve those documents securely from the system.

Theater specific strategy

⇒ Increase Retention & Engagement

⇒ Lower Costs

⇒ Standardize Operations

⇒ Identify Top Performers

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