Project Description

NCG Cinemas

NCG-U was created to help standardize training across 25 NCG Cinemas locations

In the summer of 2017 NCG Cinemas was experiencing rapid growth. They were prepared to open many new theatres expanding into multiple states, with plans to grow even more in the coming years. At the time, employee training and onboarding had been led by managers in person at the theatre. Inconsistencies and lost productivity were common from location to location without a standardized training process; for which there was now a critical need. They were also in need of revitalized learning content and internal brand awareness to prepare their employees for the inevitable emerging growth.


Our Solution

CineTRAIN created NCG-U, an online eLearning experience custom for NCG Cinemas. Through collaborative research and consultation, we learned the best practices currently taught by managers, and found room for improvement during this period of growth. After a year of consultation and production, all 25 NCG Cinemas locations had access to 5 cultural video pieces, 13 employee eLearning modules and print materials, and 6 advanced modules for manager and supervisor use. These resources were housed in an individual LMP website primed for in-theatre and home training. NCG Cinemas has the opportunity for future developmental updates as they continue their exciting path of growth and expansion.


The Outcome

  • Reduced time to competency for training new hires
  • Improved consistency of quality training across 25 theatres
  • Reduced time and manager resources spent on training
  • Improved access to employee training tracking and reporting


Our Approach

  • High Quality Production
  • Gamification
  • Animation
  • Interactive Exploratory
  • Print Guides and Flashcards
  • Choose Your Own Adventure

Project Details

Theatre Locations
Custom Videos
Custom eLearning Modules

To me, this is a must-have. It’s been so valuable to us and I would recommend it to anyone that is considering growing their company, going into new markets. They bring along your culture …  your training in a standardized format… We saw the benefit immediately in existing locations we’ve had for 25 years. We saw the level of training go up, the level of culture go up … I’d highly recommend it.”

– Jeff Geiger, Owner of NCG

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